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Privacy Policy

Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information.
I understand that my protected health information may be used and disclosed by Drs. Berk and Klein and their office staff and others outside of the office that provide health care services to me, handle billing and payment and support the day-to-day health care operations of the practice, and any other uses required by law.

Requesting a Restriction.
I may request a restriction on the uses and disclosure of my protected health information or cancel the request at any time. I understand that Drs. Berk and Klein may or may not restrict the use and disclosure of my protected health information. If Drs. Berk and Klein agree to my request, the restriction will be binding on the practice of Drs. Berk and Klein. The use and disclosure of this information will be a violation of the federal privacy standards.

Revocation of Consent.
I may revoke this consent at any time and it must be in writing. Any use or disclosure that has already occurred, prior to the date on which my revocation or consent is received, will not be affected. If I cancel this consent, Drs. Berk and Klein and their staff do not have to provide any further health care services to me.

Reservation of Right to Change Privacy Practice.
Drs. Berk and Klein have the right to modify the privacy practices outlined in this consent.

My doctor has a detailed document called “The Notice of Privacy Practices.” It contains more information about the policies and practices protecting my privacy. I understand that I have the right to read this “Notice” before signing this agreement. I am also entitled to receive a copy of the most recent “notice of Privacy Practices” and this “Notice” will always be posted at my doctor’s office.

Consent for Disclosure of Health Care Information Form

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